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Top 50 Fastest-Growing Financial Advisor Firms – 2022 Edition

Stephanie Horan, CEPF® | JUL 21, 2022 | Smart Asset

The independent wealth management industry has grown significantly over the past decade and many financial advisors think it will continue to grow looking forward. According to a 2022 Schwab Advisor Services’ Independent Advisor Outlook Study, about 93% of firms expect growth over the next five years, with a projected uptick of 17% annually in terms of the average net new assets expected over this time. In fact, more than one in four surveyed advisors expects to grow at a faster rate over the coming years relative to their current growth rate.

In this study, SmartAsset identifies the fastest-growing financial advisor firms in the U.S. To do so, we eliminated registered investment advisors (RIAs) that took part in mergers or acquisitions during the time period we considered, comparing a total of 729 RIAs across four metrics: one- and three-year percentage change in number of client accounts and one- and three-year percentage change in assets under management (AUM). Our Data and Methodology below has more details on advisory firm selection criteria and how we put together the data to create our final rankings.

This is SmartAsset’s second annual study on the fastest-growing financial advisor firms. Check out our 2021 edition here

1. Integrated Wealth Concepts, LLC

Integrated Wealth Concepts, LLC  ranks first for the second year in a row. Also known as Integrated Partners, the firm has the 21st-largest three-year increase in client count (218.08%) and third-largest three-year growth in AUM (478.34%). Integrated Partners also ranks well for its one-year growth in AUM. Between March 2021 and March 2022, total assets held increased by about 56%.

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