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Picture this: You have a scale–you know, a balance scale typically depicted in the justice system, with two bowls held together by a T-shaped fulcrum–with independence on one side and the support you’re used to getting from traditional broker-dealers and RIA aggregators on the other.

The advisory landscape would have you believe that the scale is always tipped one way or the other. But why does that have to be the case?

At Integrated Partners, balance is our reality. You can be fully independent, with the programs, processes and people behind you to achieve your unique vision of success. To us, growing your business does not mean following one, formulaic approach to growth. It’s about giving you the resources and personal attention you deserve to grow your business how you envision.

Here’s the thing though: all firms tell you they want to help you grow. But when you dig deeper, there’s often not much substance to back up that claim. At Integrated, we don’t just say it, we prove it. 

But, don’t take our word for it. One of our leading industry publications did it for us. Just last month, we were recognized as one of CityWire RIA’s Top 50 Growing Firms in America

Don’t get us wrong: we’re thrilled to be included among top firms working to make a difference. But what really gets us excited is the work we do to support our advisors

Here are 3 things we’re doing to ignite your independence while giving you the structure and support you need in the new year.  

1. Weekly Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

Each week, Integrated hosts optional working sessions with advisors, where we come together and share big ideas and feedback. These sessions–which we call brunches–typically average about 70 advisors each week, and are an integral part of Integrated Partners’ DNA.

Some topics we’ll be exploring in these study groups in the coming weeks include:

  • Setting Client Expectations & Emotional Investing
  • How to Effectively Partner with CPA’s to work with higher-end clients
  • The Case for Case Design: Real Life Success Stories & How to Use Them

2. Explore The Best Industry Ideas

Integrated’s podcast–Perfectly Integrated–welcomes top names in the advice industry to explore everything from building a portfolio that reflects your clients’ values to pushing the envelope when it comes to marketing your business and what innovation in financial services really looks like.

Hosted by Matt Ackermann, our Chief Content Officer, and frequently joined by subject matter experts across the firm, Perfectly Integrated is just one example of ways Integrated stays on the cutting edge of advisor trends, providing advisors with valuable insights to incorporate into their own practices. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring the following topics with some highly recognized names in financial services:

3. Engage at This Year’s Major Industry Events

The Integrated team will be participating in a number of industry-wide conferences and events, learning, sharing and connecting with others in our field in 2022. 

This May, you can find us at T3 in Denton, Texas and Jolt in Las Vegas, which we’ll be returning to in June for the AICPA Engage Conference. Later this year, we’ll be participating in FPA Annual in Seattle, Riskalyze Fearless Investing Summit in Salt Lake City, and MarketCounsel in Miami. 

Integrating Programs, Process & People–with Purpose

Speaking of our proven program for driving success as a fiduciary advisor, we think it’s pretty powerful (and unique), and are confident you will too. 

Here’s why: How many firms tell you they support your “holistic” approach, then offer only siloed programs and processes for each phase of the wealth management journey? Here, we know achieving your vision of success requires intentionally integrated capabilities and resources that keep your ability to deliver meaningful advice firmly at the core. 

Whether in your prospecting, financial planning, investment management, or reporting, the importance of the holistic financial wellness journey that you’re championing for your clients, is woven throughout the entire Integrated process.

Hopefully, this proves that we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Let’s talk about igniting your independence in 2022.