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Outdated Business Models are the Biggest Threat to Today’s Independent Advisor

It seems almost too obvious to say that COVID-19 has changed the way people work, and perhaps more importantly, the way they want to work, but our industry especially has seen such a significant shift over the past couple of years that ignoring the pandemic’s role in the financial advisor evolution would be irresponsible.

Advisors were seeking independence at record rates before the pandemic, but the shift to remote work and the breakneck acceleration in technology adoption has made it clear that advisors can work successfully however they want to

They know how to serve their clients from anywhere, and they want the ability to grow their businesses on their own terms. But it’s these seasoned and successful advisors, who are seeking independence for freedom, flexibility and choice, that have the most difficult time finding a partner that provides a framework to support their growth. 


Crowded, Noisy and Not Good Enough: The Dismal Landscape for Today’s Independent Advisor

That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of options available for advisors seeking independence. In fact, the number of firms vying for these advisors’ attention is staggering. 

The problem is, most don’t possess the necessary platform and processes to support advisors who are ambitious, fiduciary-minded, and perhaps most importantly, sophisticated enough to understand how to drive their own growth.

Often, these advisors are forced to choose between becoming a nameless face within a massive aggregator—for resources, security and comfort—or settling for a boutique lifestyle firm that offers flexibility and agility but falls down on infrastructure, focus and support.


There’s a Better Choice for Established, Independent Advisors

At Integrated Partners, we don’t believe independent advisors should have to choose between resources and support, and flexibility and freedom. These well-established advisors already know exactly how to run their businesses, and the best way to serve their clients’ unique needs.

They don’t need their hands held in order to drive growth. What they need is an accelerant in the form of a structured, open-architecture environment that empowers them to navigate their independence, do what’s best for their clients, and leverage powerful tools and proven processes for business development.

That environment is exactly what we’ve created to support seasoned, independent fiduciary advisors.


We Keep Our Promises 

Virtually all firms that want to attract new RIAs will talk about their commitment to helping advisors drive growth. But rarely is that claim backed up with anything concrete.

At Integrated Partners, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our fully custom, fully integrated environment delivers dynamic planning and investment capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and white-glove service—but that’s not all. 

We’ve also created a dedicated program to help advisors develop the hard and soft skills necessary to attract, serve and retain high and ultra-high net worth clients, enabling them to grow exponentially while managing fewer accounts. From estate and business planning assistance to more abstract but powerful lessons about holding meetings with HNW prospects, we offer all the resources necessary to navigate the complexities of higher-value client relationships. 

Our purpose-first culture is driven by one objective: To foster growth for advisors who want to be the best, and do the best, for their clients. 

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