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Helping our advisors reach new growth heights is our only priority.

We didn’t expect it. To tell the truth, we didn’t even apply for consideration. But in a recently released survey of all RIAs in the United States with over $500M in AUM, going back three years, we ranked first in the country for pace of asset growth.

SmartAsset, a technology firm that connects consumers with advisors, surprised us all by doing a completely independent study. We’re not going to lie, we like the results.

So, what does this all mean?

Integrated Partners thrives when our financial advisor and CPA partners thrive. We grow when our partners grow. Therefore, recognition of our commitment to growth and our dedication to the partners we serve, means a lot.

Our vaunted CPA program, which has existed since our founding in 1996, has helped advisors and CPAs to jointly help their clients, for decades.

Our Business Alliance program helps these professionals to deliver highly impactful counsel to business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.

These are but two growth catalysts we’ve created to ensure that our partners are achieving their growth goals.

Rankings are nice. We’re honored. But serving you is what gets us excited to go to work in the morning. Let’s talk about what joining our firm can do for you and yours.