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Roll-ups. Aggregators. Consolidators.

Whatever moniker they’re going by this week, you need to ask them one important question when they come knocking on your door: What’s in it for them?

Give up control of your “small” local firm. Take equity in their “large” organization. The pitch is compelling, but the reality might not be.

Their national equity is, in theory, valuable. We’re “going public” or “selling to a large private bank” in five years,” they say. “You are dying on the vine!” they say. “Small advisory firms won’t survive fee-compression,” they warn.

66% of all RIAs have less than $100 million in assets and the MEDIAN RIA has about $38 million*. So, does that mean most advisors will be extinct in the next 10 to 20 years? And what happens then? Everyone must choose between robo-advice, mega-mall institutional RIAs, or global wirehouses? Does this mean outstanding financial advisors with a fiduciary commitment to their clients are going to just relent?

The fearmongering. The doomsday scenarios. It has to stop.

We get it. Independence is hard. The worries about scale, paying employees, and coping with growth. As a business owner, you can end up spending more time working on your business instead of in your business.

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It is time to give your business the support and partnership it deserves because this isn’t about handing over control of your destiny. This is about empowering your independence.

Together, we will grow, as one group of outstanding financial advisors united by passion and purpose.

If you’ve made it this far into this e-mail, we applaud you because it means you are ready. Ready to accelerate your growth and client-service model. Ready to work together to impact real change and to stand out from the sea of sameness.

Together, we will accomplish amazing things.

We’re Integrated Partners. If you seek a partner that has your back in every market environment, wants to help you grow, and actually walks the walk, give me a call or just respond to this message, and I’ll initiate a confidential conversation.

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